Pressure Control Valves

Our pressure control valves from PVC, PP or PVDF (further materials available upon request) reduce system pressure to a defined value. They are available with widths of DN10–DN100. Using differential pressure, the pressure reducer adjusts itself to the set operating pressure. There is no direct relation between the outlet and inlet pressure. The output point acts on the membrane surface via a control bore, pushing against the set spring force. When an equilibrium of forces has been reached, the valve closes and maintains a constant operating pressure. If the pressure on the output side falls, this means that the set spring force is greater. The valve opens to restore the equilibrium.

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  • Features

  • All wetted components are made from highly durable plastic
  • The adjusting mechanism is hermetically sealed off from the medium
  • Excellent control properties thanks to optimised pistons, spring and control surface
  • No auxiliary energy required
  • Largely maintenance-free and position-independent
  • Membrane-protected mechanical or electronic manometer for reading outlet pressure
  • The valve can be adjusted under operating pressure
  • Platform structure with an innovative FCR design (from spring 2018)
  • Fluid-optimised interior spaces
  • Unrivalled, extremely low particle emission rates during operation with ultrapure water

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