Medical technology frequently has strict requirements in transparency and surface quality. Especially surface smoothness, functional roughness and durability tend to come up frequently. Devices whose application involves visual controls of liquids (e.g. blood or pharmaceuticals) must be highly transparent. Thanks to our in-house tool production and long-standing experience with surfaces and transparency, FRANK plastic AG is well-positioned to meet the corresponding market and customer requirements.

Case: mirror-bright, resterilisable instrument storage systems

  • Problem
    One of the world’s largest producers of dental products commissioned FRANK plastic AG with the development of a plastic surgical cassette to meet stringent optical, technical and functional requirements.

    FRANK plastic AG developed the required device on the basis of a specifications sheet, carried out the necessary material and functional tests and initiated the prototyping of the individual components.

    The result is an intelligent, easily assembled, optically innovative, modular system made from mirror-bright high-temperature components. It clearly exceeds market standards and can be subjected to sterilisation processes without sustaining any optical or functional damage.


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